32-Channel Logic Analyzer

The Global Specialties Model 3600 32-Channel Logic Analyzer allows the user to accurate analyze, validate and debug digital signals. This value-priced instrument performs like those of its higher priced

Listed Price: $3000.00

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Product Features

  • 32 General Input Channels in 4 groups with 8 channels for each group
  • 4 Groups can be combined in three different Logical configurations
  • Current Limit Protection and over voltage protection function
  • Name can be defined for each Channel
  • Programmable Threshold Voltage for each Channel
  • Internal/External Clock Selection to sample Data
  • Convenient Data Search function
  • Zoom in and Zoom out feature
  • Cursor Feature
  • Simulation Feature
  • Keyboard operation and sequence adjusting with knob


Input Channel
32 data Sampling channels, 2 External Clock channel
Threshold Level
6 individual adjustable threshold voltages adjusting range-6 V to +6 V
0.1 V
Input Impedance
>100 k½
Input Protection
Max input ±40 V
Timing sample
1 Hz to 100 MHz (10ns ~ 1 s resolution) Internal clock
10 ns
Sampling Channels
Internal, External clock 1 and external clock 2 (1 Hz to 5 MHz)
Sampling Signals
Internal code generator, external signal source
Sample controls
Single sampling, continous repetitive sampling
Storage Depth
260 K Sampling Points per channel
Triggering conditions
32 bits start select, 32 bits start-compare word
Trigger Limit
by select switch > , = , <
Event Counter
1 ~ 999 times
Trigger select
by ON /OFF Switch
Store Delay
1 ~ 260,000 sample Cycles
Display format
8 Channels timing waveforms 18 rows data lists
Screen Display
5.7 inch color LCD screen, resolution 320 x 240 points
Waves Rolling
32 channels vertical rollling display, 256 K data points plane
Waveform Zoom
Horizontal zoom 1 - 100 times, scale 1 ns/div to 4s/div
Floating Cursor
Floats arbitrarily in display screen & does not move together with waveform
Sticking Cursor
As a reference point stick on the waveforms lists and moves together
Cursor measure
Moving the position of cursor dynamically displays the data values of the cursors and address distance of the two cursors and address distance and the interval of the two cursors
Trigger cursor
Sample point suits the trigger condition
Search Cursor
Sample point suits the search condition
Code Type
00 ~ 15 channels as one counter, 16 ~ 29 channels are shift pulse, 30 and 31 channels are for monitoring external clock clk1 and clk2
Code Rate
1 Hz to 50 MHz (Cycles 20 ns ~1 s)
10 ns
RS232C and USB
220 V AC ±10 %, 50 Hz, 30 VAmax
Operating Temp.
0 ~ 40O C Humidity <80% noncondensing
329 mm x 283 mm x 155 mm
3 kg
Power Cord - 1 No. Flat Cable Wire - 2 Nos.Conversion Box Junction - 2 Nos.Testing Clamp - 36 Nos. User Manual - 1 Nos.
Optional Accessories
RS232C Cable




Where to Buy

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