R680 (Discontinued): Banshi Robotic Arm


The Banshi Robotic Arm is an affordable robot for the hobbyist and educator. Because it's programmable and comes unassembled, it is ideally suited as a project to learn electronics, mechatronics, and computer programming. The Banshi is controlled by a powerful ATMEGA64 microcontroller that is programmable via open source tools in C. You can acutate the robot using the included keyboard or RACS software. Using the software you can record the movements of the Banshi and play them back.

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R680 (Discontinued): Banshi Robotic Arm Product Features

  • Plastic arm and metal chassis
  • Includes 12 VAC power adapter
  • Download the sample programs or your own custom programs with the included USB programmer and RobotLoader software
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • ATMEGA64 Processor
  • Various available I/Os
  • I2C Bus
  • Control the robot arm with the included keyboard or RACS software
  • Comes unassembled as a kit

R680 (Discontinued): Banshi Robotic Arm Specifications

Processor Memory
64 kB flash ROM, 4 kB SRAM, 2 kB EEPROM
Arm Length
260 mm
Height (arm straight up)
340 mm
Base Diameter
150 mm
1.3 lbs
Lifting Capacity
80 g
1 Year

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