PB-505: Deluxe Analog & Digital Design Trainer


The PB-505 is a robust electronics trainer engineered for electronics instruction and design and is ideal for analog, digital, and microprocessor circuits. Students will learn valuable hands-on breadboarding techniques and build a solid foundation in circuit experimentation, construction, and analysis. The PB-505 can be used to construct basic series and parallel circuits or the most complicated multi-stage microcomputer circuits, incorporating new trends in industrial technology.

MSRP: $650.00

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PB-505: Deluxe Analog & Digital Design Trainer Product Features

  • Large removable breadboard area with 3360 tie-points
  • Two open-collector pulsers
  • Built-in multi-waveform function generator
  • Quad voltage power supply: Three DC & one low voltage AC
  • Built-in logic probe with pulse capture
  • BCD to seven segment decoder/display
  • Eight logic indicators
  • High-impact metal case

PB-505: Deluxe Analog & Digital Design Trainer Specifications

3-wire AC line input (120/240 V, 50/60 Hz) with power indicator
Fixed DC Output
+5 VDC @ 1.0 A, ripple <5 mV
Variable DC Output
+1.3 V to +15 V @ 0.5 A, ripple <5 mV
Variable DC Output
-1.3 V to -15 V @ 0.5 A, ripple <5 mV
Fixed AC Output
12.6 VAC center tapped @ 100 mA
Frequency Range
0.1 Hz to 100 kHz in six ranges
Function Generator Output Voltage
0 to +10 V (20 Vpp)
Function Generator Output Impedance
600 Ω (except TTL)
Function Generator Output Current
10 mA max, short circuit protected
Function Generator Output Waveforms
Sine, square, triangle
Sine Wave
Distortion < 3% (10 Hz to 100 kHz)
TTL Pulse
Rise and fall time <25 ns
Drive 10 TTL loads
Square Wave
Rise and fall time <1.5 μs
Logic Indicators
16 LEDs: 8 red to indicate logic high, 8 green to indicate logic low
Logic Probe
Built-in TTL/CMOS compatible logic probe
Captures fast single-shot events and pulse trains
Input impedance: 300 kΩ
Overload Protection: +50 VDC
Minimum Detectable Pulse Width: 100 ns
TTL Threshold Low: +0.8 V, High: +2.25 V
CMOS Threshold Low: +30%Vcc, High: +70%Vcc
Memory mode latches on first transition and LED remains on until probe is reset
Debounced Push-Button (Pulsers)
Two push-button operated, open-collector output pulsers, each with one normally-open and one normally-closed output
Each output can sink up to 25 mA
One 1 kΩ, one 10 kΩ
All leads available and uncommitted
Two SPDT slide-switches
BNC Connectors
Two BNC connectors, pin available and uncommitted, shell connected to ground
Logic Switches
Eight individual SPDT logic switches, one side of all eight switches connected and switchable to +5V or ground, other side of all eight switches separate, and uncommitted
0.25 W, 8 Ω
BCD to 7 Segment Display
Two BCD to seven segment display circuits are provided including decoder/driver circuitry
Tie-points: 5 per each unit
Breadboarding Area
A total of 3360 uncommitted tie-points available on velcro breadboard plate
Two QT-59B bus strips
Fifty tie-points for each +5 V, variable +15 V, and ground if desired
Steel case
10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Overall Dimensions
4.5 in (H) x 15 in (W) x 10.75 in (D) (11.4 x 38.1 x 27.3 cm)
3 Years

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