LD-1A: Discontinued

Pencil Box Logic Designer
Discontinued Date: October 2018

The LD-1A has been discontinued.

The Pencil Box Logic Designer is a complete digital circuit design instrument . It can fulfill modest requirements for the design and study of gates, counters, multiplexers and can even interface directly to a microprocessor. The unit contains 8 LED logic indicators, 8 logic switches, a clock and two debounced pushbuttons. The logic indicators are a transparent latch and thus serve the dual function of 8 independent logic probes or two four bit output ports which can be connected to a computer. Similarly, the eight logic switches can serve the dual function of logic switches or two four bit input ports for interfacing to a computer. 


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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 19:29

Specifications: LD-1A

1 Year

Downloads: LD-1A



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