PB-501: Portable Logic Design Trainer


The PB-501 is a low cost portable trainer, which is capable of satisfying many requirements arising in the design and study of digital logic circuitry. The PB-501 can be powered-up via batteries, optional wall-mount power adapter, or by an external 5V power supply. The PB-501 can be utilized for the design and study of gates, counters, multiplexers and can even interface directly to a microprocessor. Housed in a tough molded plastic carrying case with an integral hinged cover, it stacks conveniently for storage.

MSRP: $208.95

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PB-501: Portable Logic Design Trainer Product Features

  • Eight dual-function LED logic indicators 
  • Logic switches & input ports supplied
  • Output ports also supplied
  • UBS-100 breadboard with 840 tie-points 
  • Clock output & two debounced logic pulsers 

PB-501: Portable Logic Design Trainer Specifications

Logic Switches/Input Ports
Dual function: 8 switches buffered by two 4 bit tri-state buffers with separate enables
Logic "1" output current 2.6 mA max @ 2.4 V min
Logic "0" output current 24 mA max @ 0.5 V max
Logic "1" enables input current: 400 µA @ 5 VDC
Logic "0" enables input current: 20 µA @ 0.2 V
Logic Indicators
Dual function: 8 LEDs driven by two 4-bit latches with separate enables
Output Ports
Logic "1" input current: 50 µA @ 5 VDC
Logic "0" input current: None required
All functions are permanently connected to a solderless tie-point connector. Each tie-point has 5 solderless connection points. Power and ground have 15 connection points each. All tie-points are labeled
One UBS-100 solderless breadboarding socket is permanently attached to the unit. The UBS-100 can accomodate up to eight 14-pin DIP ICs with 4 tie-points per pin, plus eight power rails with 25 tie-points each, total 840 tie-points
Overall Dimensions
2.56 in H x 7.5 in W x 10 in D
4 "C" batteries (not included). Optional 9 VDC battery adapter (LD-1-PB-501)
1 lb 6 oz (less batteries and adapter)
3 Years

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DistributorQuantityLast Updated
Arrow Electronics 3July 12th, 2020
Tequipment.Net 20July 12th, 2020
Test Equipment Depot 1July 12th, 2020

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