PB-502: Portable Advanced Logic Design Trainer


The PB-502 is a robust instrument capable of satisfying many requirements arising in the design and study of digital logic circuitry. The PB-502's selectable operating voltage further aids its versatility by allowing the trainer to be used in either TTL or CMOS operating mode. The trainer contains three integral power supplies and input/output devices that simplify the construction of a wide range of circuits.

Typical circuits that can be built on the PB-502 include: Operational amplifiers, comparators, A to D converters, gates, and counters. The PB-502 can also interface directly to a microprocessor. The PB-502 is housed in a tough, molded plastic carrying cases with an integral hinged cover which stacks neatly for storage. 

MSRP: $315.00

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PB-502: Portable Advanced Logic Design Trainer Product Features

  • Two fully debounced pushbuttons with true logic outputs
  • TTL/CMOS operation
  • Eight SPST logic switches & buffered LED logic indicators
  • Seven-segment LCD display
  • 840 tie-point breadboard area using a UBS-100
  • Clock outputs & two BNCs connected to adjacent tie-points

PB-502: Portable Advanced Logic Design Trainer Specifications

Power Supplies
±12 V @ 200 mA
5 V @ 250 mA
TTL/CMOS Operation
Selectable output voltage of clock, pulser, & logic switches.
Input voltage thresholds of seven segment displays, logic indicators and Vcc tie-points between 5 V, TTL and 12 volts, CMOS
Fixed at three levels: 1 Hz, 1 kHz, 100 kHz
Two fully-debounced pushbuttons with true logic and complementary outputs.
Logic "1" output current 2 mA @ 4 V min (5 V/TTL)
Logic "1" output current 4 mA @ 11 V min (12 V/CMOS)
Logic "0" output current 2 mA @ 0.1 V max (5 V/TTL)
Logic "0" output current 5 mA @ 0.1 V max (12 V/CMOS)
Logic Switches
Eight SPDT switches select output of Vcc or ground.
Output current, all cases: 200 mA max
Logic Indicators
Eight LEDs buffered by two four-bit latches with separate enables.
Input impedance, all inputs: 100 kΩ
Seven-Segment Displays
Two BCD-input seven-segment displays with separate Display Enable (DE), Latch Enable (LE), and Lamp Test (LT) inputs.
Input impedance, all inputs: 100 kΩ
All functions are permanently tied to three solderless tie-point connectors.
Each tie-point has two solderless connection points.
Ground, +5 volts, Vcc, and clock out have four connection points each.
All tie point functions are labeled on the front panel.
Two BNC connectors with the shells tied to ground and the pins connected to adjacent single tie-points
One UBS-100 solderless breadboarding socket is permanently attached to the unit.
The UBS-100 can accomodate up to eight 14-pin DIP ICs with five tie-points per pin plus eight power rails with 25 tie points each
1 lb. 9 oz
Overall Dimensions
2.6 H x 7.5 W x 10 D (inches)
3 Years

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