DSC-5300: 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope


The Global Specialties DSC-5300 Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) is a portable benchtop instrument used for making measurements of signals and waveforms. The oscilloscope offers two channels and a bandwidth of up to 50 MHz signals. With a real time sampling rate of up to 500 MSa/s and 32 kpts of deep memory, it provides high signal detail for analysis and display on the 7" color LCD display.

The LCD offers clean, crisp color viewing of the two channels whose colors match the vertical control menu. A USB port enables you to save or load scope settings, waveform screenshots, and .csv data files. You can also save or load to and from the scope itself using the 10 internal locations for waveforms or 20 locations for scope settings.

MSRP: $450.00

Where to Buy the Global Specialties DSC-5300 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
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DSC-5300: 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Product Features

  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • Single channel real-time sampling rate of up to 500 MSa/s
  • 32k points memory depth
  • 7" LCD display
  • Trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative
  • Auto measure 32 parameters (Voltage and Time)
  • On board help menu
  • Interface Options: USB, LAN, RS-232, and Pass/Fail

DSC-5300: 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Specifications

50 MHz
Sample Rate
500 MSa/s
Waveform Memory Depth
32 kpts
7.0" LCD
Internal Memory Locations for Waveforms
Internal Memory Locations for Settings
AC Line Input
1 Year

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Where to Buy the DSC-5300: 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

DistributorQuantityLast Updated
Mouser Electronics 2August 8th, 2020
Tequipment.Net 17August 8th, 2020
Digi-Key Corporation 15August 8th, 2020

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